10 original activities to do in Barcelona

If you are in Barcelona for your second time or simply you want to discover the city in a creative and unique way, I have some tips for you!

1 Drink water from Caneletes fountain

One of the most famous icons of Barcelona is “Las Ramblas”, the pedestrian road that goes from Plaza Catalunya to the harbor. When you walk along the Rambla, you can’t miss to take a photo with the mimes and the street artists who crowd into the tree-line street. Here, you’ll stumbled upon a symbolic fountain: Font de Canaletes. A legend says that if you drink from this famous fountain at the top of La Rambla you will fall in love with Barcelona and always return to the city. Based on my personal experience, I can promise that it’s true!



2. Observe the 5 doors of the Cathedral and learn the legend of 13 geese

Another attraction of the city is The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia, popularly known as the Barcelona Cathedral. The peculiarity of this XV century building is the exterior. Have fun by finding the difference of its five doors. The main gate is designed in gothic style with a big pointed arch, while the most ancient door, the Sant Lu, is decorated with the Evangelists. Find for yourself the other 3 doors!



Before leaving the Cathedral, visit the secluded Gothic cloister, which has a beautiful Mediterranean garden and a pond. The cloister hosts 13 geese, representing the age of Saint Eulalia, patron saint of Barcelona, when she was killed by the Romans. Geese have always been a symbol of wisdom, actually they were believed to be sent by God to guide humans. Santa Eulalia was a goose farmer, who suffered one of the last persecutions of Christians by the Roman Empire at the beginning of the 4th century, in the time of the Emperor Diocletian. According to the legend, she was subjected to thirteen horrifying agonies before being crucified at the age of 13. In fact, she is represented with a palm in one hand and a cross in the other, to identify her as a martyr.

3. Dance Sardana in front of the Cathedral

Try to be in front of the cathedral on Sunday at noon or Saturday evening and you will see the Sardana, the traditional Catalonan dance, danced by the locals in a circle while holding hands.
Have a look at this video


4. Shopping in Carrer dels Tallers and de la Portaferrissa

Barcelona is a an alternative, unconventional and eccentric city, so you can’t miss to go shopping here! If you like vintage style, go to Carrer dels Tallers and Carrer de la Portaferrissa: you’ll find vinyl records, lots of vintage t-shirts, hippie-style pants, bohemian dresses and shoes at affordable prices. So, prepare your wallet and start shopping!

Carrer dels Tallers is known also for the pub “la Ovella Negra”, a tavern in the heart of Barcelona with wooden tables, rock walls and a unique and country style.

5. Lose yourself in the Parc del Labirint d’Ortà

Don’t forget to see one of the most enchanting garden in Barcelona: Parc del Labirint d’Ortà.
It’s the most ancient park, built in 1802 by the marquis Joan Antoni Desvalls i d’Ardena, owner of the lot, in collaboration with Italian architect Domenico Bagutti.
It’s a real labirhint: as you enter there, to get lost will be very easy! The park extends over a surface of 9 hectares and it’s divided into two parts: the neoclassical garden and the romantic garden, with lots of greek scultures, fountains, springs, and pools.

6. Enjoy Churros a la Pallaresa

Churros, a typical spanish sweet, is a must during a journey in Spain!
Do you want to know the best place to try this delicious speciality? So, run to the granja la Pallaresa, in the middle of
the gothic district: it will be a treat for your palate.

7. Explore the Amazonia inside the Cosmo caixa

Barcelona has a wonderful and interactive science museum, the Cosmo Caixa.
Among the most spectacular spaces and exhibitions in the museum, is the Bosc inundat: open to the door and let yourself be carried away in the Amazonia forest to discover the biodiversity of this ecosystem which represent more than 50% of the world species. There is also the geological wall, consisting of seven large cuts of real rocks that allow visitors to interpret world geology and the matter room, a passionate journey through the evolution of matter and life on our planet. Finally, the Planetary invites everyone to travel through space and time amongthe stars and planets.


8. Visit the Bar of Hemingway

Have a drink in the bohemian bar Marsella and go back the 19 th century, at the time of Ernest Hemingway, Antoni Gaudì and Salvador Dalì, who always frequented the bar. You’re in Carrer de Sant Pau 65, inside the Raval, the popular ceedy and controversy district of Barcelona.
The first time you enter the bar you will be surprised by the tall roofs and the wooden walls, old liqueur bottles and dusty chandeliers. Let your mind go and imagine Hemingway sitting at the bar drinking absent, while chatting with Picasso.

9. Discover the Catedral del mar

One of the most elegant district of Barcelona is the “Born”. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the spanish movida!

While you’re looking for a good restaurant or bar, you’ll bump into Santa Maria del Mar Church. This impressive church, took 55 years to build, was built during the 14th century on a site which was once occupied by a Roman Amphitheatre. Go inside the church and see the surprisingly minimal design and discover the protagonist of the famous novel by Ildefonso Falcones, “The Cathedral of the Sea”, which tells the story of the church’s construction.

10. Relax at the Champañeria

After a day touring the city, you need rest and a good glass of wine! If you want to drink like a local, go to the Champaneria, near the Barceloneta. It’s hard to notice as it has no sign, so you need to know it! Go to Carrer de la Reina Cristina and order a Cava, the typical catalan white wine and refresh yourself and your soul!



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